The Spanish Football League System

In the UK, the most common exposure to football in Spain is probably Sky's coverage of La Liga. It would be fair to say that the average UK Joe's knowledge does not extend beyond the 20 teams that grace Spain's top division. Spain has 2 professional leagues consisting of the 20 teams in the Primera (La Liga BBVA) and the Segunda (Liga Adelente), which consists of 22 clubs. Beyond these top two levels, the leagues are regionalised.

The third level is split into 4 divisions, each with 20 teams, and these regions can vary depending on the geographical make-up of the competing teams. Rather confusingly, this is called Segunda Division B. At level four or Tercera (I know... that means third!) there are 18 divisions at regional level e.g. Galicia, Euskadi, Catalonia etc. each with 20 teams.

Promotion and relegation is a rather complex affair of play-offs which is explained beautifully here: - which is one of the best English language websites to follow Spanish Football. Futbolme offers the most comprehensive coverage of fixtures, results and club information and is easy to navigate. And finally, this new Spanish language site offers superb club histories for the anally retentive, just like yours truly.